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(336) 830-6216
( I am very happy to call
you afterwards to discuss
all the details!)
It gives me a chance to get
an idea of what you are
looking for, the kind of
event you are having, your
theme/colors, location, etc.
I check my messages ALL
DAY - so I promise to get
back to you ASAP!!!
If you get my Voice mail,
PLEASE leave me a
message with some info
on your upcoming Event!!
Let me know what you
may be interested in, and
the best number and time
frame to reach you.  Also,
send me an email -
I check them often!!  
I promise to get back to
you as soon as I can!
I am an Event Decorator, originally
from Long Island, NY - now located
in Winston-Salem, NC
Every Event I have been honored to
help decorate over the years has
been truly unique! No two parties or
pieces I have done have ever been
the same.  
If you like the work that you see
here on my website,  
I promise to dedicate myself & work
just as hard to create something
Beautiful and help make your
upcoming party Extra Special!!

   Sincerely Yours
Custom Centerpieces ~ Sign in books
Sign in board kits - Welcome board kits
Card / Money boxes ~ Candle lighting boards
Dais Name boards - Christening Boards
Theme Place cards ~ Guest Seating Charts
Eiffel Tower Centerpieces & More.....

YES - We Ship MANY of our
Winter wonderland candle lighting board centerpieces sweet 16 Quinceanera candelabra
Sweet 16 Quinceanera candle lighting board Candelabra
Sweet 16 Candle lighting board mitzvah

These can be
anywhere in the

Click here to
see more on the
Candle lighting -
Name board
Hollywood candle lighitng board sweet 16 mitzvah Quinceanera Candelabra
sports theme centerpieces bowling baseball mitzvah
Hollywood centerpieces sweet 16 mitzvah
Communion Christening Name board cross centerpiece
birthday party centerpieces star theme
sweet 16 zebra centerpieces
Christening cross centerpieces baptism communion party
baseball centerpiece mitzvah birthday
Mitzvah sports centerpieces birthday decor
baseball mitzvah centerpieces birthday
Hollywood theme candle board centerpieces sweet 16 Mitzvah
Hollywood centerpieces for Sweet 16 Mitzvah
Music theme sweet 16 mitzvah centerpieces
music guitar theme mitzvah centerpieces
winter wonderland ice skating centerpieces
Mitzvah game show theme centerpieces
soccer sports theme sweet 16 mitzvah centerpieces
25th anniversary centerpieces
super hero theme centerpieces superhero
These Balloon Style centerpieces are for Local Triad, NC area
BUT....I can make something similar in a non-balloon style if you need these
shipped!!  Email for details!
Hollywood centerpieces sweet 16 mitzvah
Hollywood centerpieces for sweet 16 Mitzvah
blues clues centerpieces kids birthday balloons
50th centerpiece birthday anniversary
Mask centerpieces mardi gras Masquerade theme
Masquerade centerpieces mask
Peacock centerpieces sweet 16 anniversary party
cross christening baptism communion centerpieces
Phantom of the opera theme sweet 16
bridal shower centerpieces triad wedding
Bridal shower centerpieces Triad wedding
Bridal shower centerpieces triad wedding
flower topiary balloon centerpieces butterfly
Chrstening centerpieces
25th anniversary centerpieces
zebra theme sweet 16 sign in book
Sign in books Sweet 16 Mitzvah guest books
sweet 16 sign in book Mitzvah
sweet 16 Card money box Mitzvah
New york theme sweet 16 Broadway
Guest seat chart music theme mitzvah sweet 16
super hero place cards
Guest seating chart sweet 16 Mitzvah triad
Sports Mitzvah guest seating chart place cards
sweet 16 guest seating charts
New york theme place cards taxi
Guest seating charts sweet 16 mitzvah
Minnie mouse first birthday theme
Soccor Mitzvah candle lighting board sports theme
These Balloon centerpieces shown are
ALL AIR FILLED - so they stay beautiful  
for weeks!!!
Done as a
BOOK style
scheme and theme!!
Card Money boxes Sweet 16 HOLLYWOOD
eiffel tower centerpieces topper Sweet 16 wedding Quinceanera
Cinderella 1st birthday centerpieces sweet 16 quinceanera centerpieces
Hollywood Sweet 16 Card Money box

We Ship
& Insure
Via UPS or
Sweet 16 Decorated Tapered Candle - Mitzvah Quinceanera
Card Money Boxes Sweet 16 sign in books
Masquerade Sweet 16 Candle lighting sign in book
Neon Sweet 16 Mitzvah centerpieces candle board
Pretty in Pink Sweet 16 Victorian
Tiffany theme sweet 16
Great Gatsby Candle lighting board Sweet 16
Sweet 16 Mitzvah Centerpieces candle lighting
Dance Club - Music Sweet 16 candle lighting centerpieces Sign in book
I can do any
theme & any

In both Single
tier or 2 Tier

You can also
mix & match
styles on
your tables!
Winter Wonderland Sweet 16 Centerpieces
As early as

These are all
Custom orders
and need at least
4-6 weeks
especially if
CARD BOXES For Any Event in Any
Theme and/or Color Scheme (single/double/3 tier)

Email me with the date, location,
theme/colors & name needed  to
order YOUR Candle/Name boards

SincerelyYoursParty @Yahoo.com